Homes for Lepers

Building Homes for members of a Leper Colony

The Leprosy Patients are shunned by society and forced to live separately. So they live in Leper Colony with nothing more than huts made from branches and leaves. The Trust was supporting these families by providing roof sheets, designed to go on their roofs to provide water proofing. However, every day was great challenge for them to live in huts  without even basic facilities.

Thus the Trust has built 14 houses with RCC roof in leprosy colony for Leprosy Patients and their families. Now these families are having better living in their houses. The Trust is supporting these families by providing financial assistance for their Monthly Ration, Medical and their children Education.

You Can Make a Difference, please consider donating or organise a fundraising. 


Living Conditions Before

The Construction

New Homes for the People suffering with Leprosy